Our Products

Amica Energy provides a wide spectrum of solar energy, v storage, electrical equipment, renewable
energy network, and monitoring need for products. Our Products

Longi Solar

Backed by advanced technologies, Longi modules feature excellent power ratings and top conversion efficiencies, and can be used across all market segments. Our field-proven bifacial modules deliver added performance benefits and long-term reliability.

DEG15MC.20-Front-and-Back-cropped-min-500 (1)
DEG15MC.20-Front-and-Back-cropped-min-500 (1)

Trina Solar

Based on Trina Solar’s leading multi-busbar technology, Vertex modules incorporate 210mm silicon wafers, non-destructive cutting and high-density interconnect technologies, allowing over 600W power output and up to 21.4% module efficiency.

Risen Solar

As a world-leading new energy enterprise, Risen Energy is driving global energy innovation with solar modules and photovoltaic power plants, providing sustainable energy solutions and integrated services across the globe. Risen Energy is helping the customers reach their low-carbon and zero-carbon goals. Risen Energy strives to do our part to support the global community in entering a new era of carbon neutrality!

DEG15MC.20-Front-and-Back-cropped-min-500 (1)

Sungrow Grid Tied

A transformer less 3-phase PV
grid-connected inverter

Huawei Grid Tied

Huawei Three-phase smart energy controller.


Growatt Grid Tied

Growatt three phase battery ready inverter.

SAJ Grid Tied

SAJ grid connected inverter for residential rooftop installation.

Hybrid Products

Hybrid Product

10KW Hybrid Product BluE-S 10KT

(10KW three phase hybrid inverter)

Combo Hybrid Product

10KW hybrid combo